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CryptoExpert 8 8.10

CryptoExpert 8 Editor's Review

As the name suggests, 'CryptoExpert 2007 Professional' is a program meant to help you protect you data.

It helps you create a new container in which you can store your data protected with a password. While the secret drive created with this program is not mounted, it can't be seen among your partitions but you can find it by the CCF file. The program is relatively easy to use after you discover how to create a CCF file. Besides the usual features of a program like this it offers the possibility to email your files, if they are small enough of course, or to wipe them off your hard drive.

As I mentioned above, if the drive is not mounted you can't see it but you can find the CCF file and then, sadly, nobody can stop someone to delete that file. After it's been deleted, your important files are gone.

It looks like many producers are using lately the current year in their software's name as this should assure you that this program is the newest and the best but the sad thing is that in many cases this is far from being true. In my opinion this is the first step in the programs failure. Next year the program will be considered 'old' and frankly I can't trust a program meant to last only one year.

The user interface looks good but, than again, looking good doesn't mean that you are clever as well.


Drawbacks / flaws: Expensive and not secure.

In conclusion: I'm very disappointed about this program but I'm optimistic and I hope to see some improvements in the next release. Among the improvements it better be some protection against the deletion of the CCF file.

version reviewed: 7.0.6

What's New in Version 8.10 of CryptoExpert 8

Absolutely new "New Vault Wizard". Now it includes ability to add/create vaults, it has new design (Vista/Win7 aero) and all not necessary steps are optional pages now.

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